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Get some mid-week relief with Comedy Night, Wednesday nights at the Mississippi Moon Bar. Listen to KAT FM in the Morning with Mike and Lisa for your chance to win free VIP admission for up to 12 persons including one round of beverages!

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Barklow Faces Felony

A former Galena police officer faces a felony charge for allegedly abusing his power as an officer. Our coverage partners at KCRG-TV report that Illinois prosecutors charged Donald Barklow with Official Misconduct on Tuesday. That's a Class C felony in Illinois. The charge stems from a 2014 incident when Barklow's ex-girlfriend reported he was sending her harassing text messages and had used her name and photo to create fake profiles on dating websites. Around the same time, prosecutors say Barklow used his police power to run a background check on his ex-girlfriend's new fiancé in order to access his personal information. Using that system for personal reasons is a felony. Barklow was working for the Galena Police Department at the time. He reached an agreement with the city to resign, rather than be fire last July. This summer, we told you that Barklow was still employed by the police department in East Dubuque, where his brother is the city manager. It's not clear whether he's still working for the East Dubuque Police. Barklow is scheduled to make a court appearance on the misconduct charge on December 8.

Grassley Gets Seniors' Rights Award

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