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12a-6a – Today’s Hits and Yesterday’s Favorites
6a-Noon – Misty Wolf
Noon-2p – Retro Stars with Dave Stewart
2p-6p – Mike Field
6p-10p – Today’s Hits and Yesterday’s Favorites
10p-12a – Retro Stars with Dave Stewart

Rock & Roll’s Greatest Hits

Rock & Roll's Greatest Hits with Dick BartleyDick Bartley has been hosting America’s Classic Hits request radio show since 1982. Debuting as “Solid Gold Saturday Night,” the program became “The Rock & Roll Oldies Show” on Westwood One, and since 1991 has been known as “Rock & Roll’s Greatest Hits!” With our new home, the United Stations Radio Network, comes a new toll-free request number: 1-866-989-1975 . . . call any time to request your favorites!

Retro Stars

Dave Stewart Retro StarsDave Stewart still wears parachute pants, Reebok Pumps and flannel. That’s why we let him host Retro Stars every Sunday from noon til 2pm here on 92.9 KAT FM. It’s the original ‘90s show.

Before the ‘90s, Jerry Seinfeld was a little-known comic, cell phones were mounted on the dashboard and the internet didn’t exist. A lot of good things happened in the ‘90s. But the decade had some weird moments, too. Prince changed his name to a symbol, Julia Roberts married Lyle Lovett and a former pro wrestler became Governor of Minnesota. Did the Psychic Friends Network predict that?

So if you miss the days of 90210 and “Opera Man”, join Dave Stewart as he brings it all back… the music, the pop culture and the scandals of the ‘90s. Retro Stars, every Sunday from noon til 2pm here on 92.9 KAT FM.

Planet 80s

Planet 80sEvery week night from 7 til midnight, KAT FM brings you PLANET ’80s! Relive the memories and the songs that meant so much to you! Cindy Lauper, Bryan Adams, Wang Chung, The Pretenders, Billy Joel, The Cars, Wham! and more. It was an era that contained a ton of talent. The ’80s….Burt Reynolds, Sylvester Stallone, Chevy Chase, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Glenn Close. The ’80s……The birth of MTV, Pacman, Cabbage Patch Dolls and the TV program Dallas. It’s a gravity free zone, weeknights from 7 until midnight. Planet ’80s on 92/9 KAT FM!

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