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National News

National News

January 19, 2020

Clashes broke out between protesters and police in Hong Kong, cutting short a rally after thousands had gathered at a park to call for electoral reforms and a boycott of the Chinese Communist Party. Police fired tear gas near the park Sunday after some protesters attacked plainclothes officers — a return to the violence that has roiled the Chinese territory for months. Rally participants had earlier packed into the park, with some waving American and British flags. A former British colony, Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997.


Germany is bringing together the key players in Libya’s long-running civil war. The conference Sunday in Berlin aims to curb foreign military meddling, solidify a cease-fire and help relaunch a political process to determine the North African nation’s future. German Chancellor Angela Merkel invited leaders from 12 countries as well as the United Nations, the European Union, the African Union and the Arab League. The chances of the summit producing any real progress are unclear, however. A truce brokered earlier this month by Russia and Turkey marked the first break in fighting in months, but the cease-fire has seen repeated violations.


Joe Biden has called for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign to “disown” what he calls “doctored video” that some Sanders supporters say shows the former vice president endorsing Republican calls to cut Social Security and Medicare. Top Sanders’ aides have in recent weeks circulated video clips of Biden discussing Social Security and Medicare over the years. One of them shows him saying former Republican Speaker Paul Ryan was “right” when he said Republicans would have to consider entitlement spending after the GOP tax cuts. But the clip misses Biden’s larger point accusing the GOP of a cynical legislative strategy to force the issue. Biden told voters in Iowa that Sanders should “disown” the video, which he called “doctored.” Sanders campaign has not immediately responded.


The National Archives is apologizing for its decision to blur images of anti-Trump signs used as part of an exhibit on women’s suffrage. The independent agency is charged with preserving government and historical records and said it has always done so “without alteration.” But the archives acknowledged in a statement Saturday making a mistake after The Washington Post published an online report about the altered images. The archives said the anti-Trump signs were altered to keep the nonpartisan, nonpolitical agency from being drawn into “current political controversy.” It said it will replace the exhibit and review its policies and procedures.